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So xanga wasn't conducive for my travel blog

Let's hope this is easier to use!

For more or less of two years, up until this month (April 2008) my xanga online journal had fallen by the wayside, dotted with entries few and far between. (I created my account in 2004 with steady entries until 2006.) Looking back, I find most of my writings silly and light-hearted, usually focusing on menial tasks such as cleaning my bedroom or incidences strangely involving animal carcasses. Occasionally I would have something to rant about or some self-discovery happened upon by attempting to put into words what I had been mulling through in my mind.

And now, on the brink of travelling away from home more than I ever had, it occurred to me to use my xanga journal as a way to let everyone back home read and see all of the events I can only imagine now but will soon experience first hand. However, when I attempted to upload photos to my xanga journal, I found it just isn't cut out to be a travel blog. I didn't like the layout and I couldn't even upload pictures using Firefox. So then I found the Travellerspoint and I think it's going to be a good fit.

Meanwhile, I'm so excited! Although this isn't the first time I've set a goal and actually achieved it, something feels different to me now. Perhaps I'm impressed with myself for maintaining the motivation to get the trip to Israel and accepted into the program in Sicily, while at the same time not becoming discouraged by the severe lack of financial aid I need.

So here I am! In two weeks I will be making a pilgrimage to Israel and although I won't have internet access while I'm away, I plan on posting the pictures and a summary (or two or three) of my trip. On July 1st, I will leave for Sicily and be able to update folks on my adventures there!

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