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Farewell to the Sicilian lifestyle 08.07.2008
Would you like some more wine with that political attack? 07.31.2008
Under the Tuscan Sun! 07.29.2008
Weekend getaway 07.24.2008
We have black boogers 07.20.2008
A day in the life of me 07.17.2008
Another entry 07.16.2008
This town ain’t big enough for the both of us 07.14.2008
Agrigento = Anciently Amazing 07.11.2008
Pantalica 07.10.2008
Some unrelated subjects 07.09.2008
Vacation's over? 07.08.2008
The two F's 07.06.2008
Sicily: first impressions 07.05.2008
Never have I ever...in Israel 05.22.2008
So xanga wasn't conducive for my travel blog 04.24.2008